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About Us

About Us

30,000 Middle School Students Can’t Be Wrong!

That’s the number of 5th through 8th grade youth who have participated annually in the Drug Quiz Show in the State of New York. These wonderful students (all winners in our eyes), study the materials provided and then demonstrate their knowledge through the exciting “game show” competition.

We are now ready to roll this program out nationwide and need your help to spread the word and share this exciting new opportunity to serve the youth in your communities.   We can’t wait to see how many middle school students we can get to participate with your help and the programs expansion.

Using the provided Learning Center materials along with study aids, the youth learn about the risks and dangers of alcohol, drug and tobacco use.

They are provided with information to help them develop important life-skills in dealing with conflict resolution, stress, bullying and grief.

The fact-based material is presented in a non-threatening manner reinforcing their skills in decision-making while teaching them how to handle stress and their feelings.

The Elks Drug Quiz Show is a volunteer run, cost effective program, which is easily implemented. The positive impacts to the youth and community are immeasurable.