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Get Involved


If you are a student and you want to bring the Elks Drug Quiz Show to your school or classroom, the first steps are to speak to a teacher at your school/organization and share this website with them so they can register. You can also have your parents register and then you will have access to the learning centers to study.


If you are a teacher, all you need to do is register! Once we verify your account, you can download materials for your students and set them up with their own account to access materials.


Parents, would you like to get the drug quiz show at your children’s school? The easiest way is to speak to a teacher or someone in administration at the school/organization about the Elks Drug Quiz Show. You can also register yourself to gain access to the learning center documents to share with your kids or use them in your homeschooling.

Game Show Friends

Game show friends or anyone interested in getting involved can register as a promoter. You will gain access to promotional materials and help bring more attention and students to play the Elks Drug Quiz Show.