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How It Works

Appeal of the Program — How It Works

The concept of a TV game show, a “Drug Quiz Show,” was originated by Jennifer Shulman, an insightful eighth grader who knew what would appeal to others her age. Twenty years of experience with all types of 5th – 8th graders in public, private and parochial schools located in urban, suburban, and rural settings have proven her right. The Drug Quiz appears to “work” because it contains two magic elements — an important yet interesting topic and the lure of friendly competition.

How the Elks Drug Quiz Show works:

  • Youngsters sign up in teams of up to 7
  • They study the materials provided
  • 1st round questions are answered by team
  • 2nd round questions are answered individually
  • 3rd round questions are answered using the game show buzzer and light system

The Drug Quiz Show appeals to Youngsters because it encourages involvement on many different levels (teams, artwork, peer coaching, etc.).

The Drug Quiz Show appeals to Advisers because, even though the format is well established, there still exists room for creativity and flexibility. The Drug Quiz is also attractive because it practices what it preaches. During the competition, contestants are provided with a safe and fun environment in which to relax, make new friends, enjoy being part of a team, and receive positive feedback and support from friends and family.

The Drug Quiz Show appeals to Sponsors because they recognize the bottom line benefits of fighting substance abuse, our Nation’s #1 health problem.

The Drug Quiz Show appeals to Volunteers because it makes them feel good, knowing they’re doing something positive and meaningful for the young people in their community.

The Drug Quiz Show appeals to the Community-at-Large as attested to by the fact that it continues to receive impressive local, state, and national recognition both for its benefits as well as its volunteer efforts. (See Honors and Awards.)

With pride in our progress and even greater hope for the future, we look forward to the day when ALL 5th through 8th graders will have this exciting opportunity to positively influence their growth and development!